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About Algar Geothermal

Our mission; To extract low temperature geothermal heat energy from out of service oil and gas wells starting in the province of Alberta.

Benefits for Albertans

The extracted geothermal heat will be used to supplement existing facility heating systems that are now 100% dependent on fossil fuels.

Good for Business:

Lower heating costs and reduced carbon levies will benefit businesses in Alberta.  


Saving the Environment:

Wells that are out of service will be put to use, reducing the risk of environmental damage caused by leaks from unattended wells. 

Creating Jobs:

Employment opportunities will increase as we restore abandoned oil and gas wells, install geothermal systems, and operate the geothermal installations.

Improving the Agricultural Sector:

Greenhouses and livestock producers will provide "greener" products at a lower cost to Albertans, and employ their friends and neighbours to produce their product.


Wells needed

We are seeking a well to use for a test project. If you have a well that your company is looking to abandon, please contact us about conducting a pilot project on your site.


Why not put this infrastructure to work?

Algar Geothermal has identified hundreds of wells that are unused, and pose a potential environmental hazard. Why not let us to put it to work?