About Algar Geothermal

Algar Geothermal was created to deliver geothermal energy solutions to the Albertans. The potential geothermal energy in discarded oil and gas wells presents an opportunity to change the face of the Alberta economy.  Our Goals:
  • To reduce the effects of human causation climate change.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of abandoned and out of service oil and gas wells.
  • Providing energy cost savings to Alberta businesses
  • To help businesses grow; introducing new markets, products, and employment opportunities.
Our Company

Algar Geothermal has conducted computer simulations to determine the potential heat energy in an oil and gas well. Help us conduct a pilot project to confirm our findings - and develop a business plan for moving forward.


The Algar Geothermal strategy is simple - create a test facility, and run a pilot test. After the test project, we examine the data to determine the sustainable heat potential, heat depletion, and well recovery. Armed with that data - we convert the pilot test to a commercial operation, and move on to the hundreds of other wells that we have identified as potential geothermal energy sources.


Algar Geothermal has relationships with energy companies, oilfield service companies, conventional geothermal suppliers, heating system consultants, drilling and production engineers, and customers for the heat energy. We know that Albertans have abundant expertise to make this work.

Environment & Sustainability

There are at least 80,000 abandoned or out of service wells in Alberta. Algar Geothermal has identified several hundred wells that meet the criteria for geothermal heat production.  If geothermal energy increases the viability of greenhouse operations in Alberta, there is huge potential to provide locally grown produce at reasonable prices. Let's do it!!