Customer benefits
Regulatory Issues

The pilot project will help determine the cost of production going forward. Costs of material, labour, and operations will be closely monitored to determine the commercial viability of borehole heat exchangers.

Provincial and Federal regulatory agencies will be invited to witness the pilot project, to help find a place for geothermal operations in their regulatory structure.


After the pilot test, Algar Geothermal can approach users of the heat energy with quantified heat values to determine the energy savings and carbon credit potential for their business.

The results of the pilot project will allow us to determine the best way to market our solution.

Business Plan
Algar Geothermal has conducted extensive research on academic papers that describe the theoretical heating potential of bore hole heat exchangers, and has conducted detailed computer modelling to determine the potential heating value in a well.  We now want to embark on a pilot project to confirm our findings. Here are some of the issues that will be addressed as we move forward.
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